Covid Impact Stories - Aleksandar Manic

Aleksandar, 36, has a Master’s degree in archeology from a
university in Sofia, Bulgaria. After graduating, he underwent training
as a museum curator at the National Museum in Belgrade, and worked a few
years in the city’s museum. But he just couldn’t find peace in the
city, and left his job to return to his hometown. “I started working as a
shepherd because once you spend a day with the sheep in the field, the
peace you feel with them, you can’t stop doing that ever again,” he

Aleksandar Manić, a shepherd in Stara Planina, a natural
border with neighboring Bulgaria, also knows too well the difficulties
of managing animals during curfews. He leads a flock of 500 sheep with
two other shepherds, covering over 20km a day. Until the winter starts,
he should take the sheep out to feed every day.

But whenever
lockdowns are stated, with the border police actively guarding the
fields in the village, he is unable to take the sheep out onto the
field. The less he is able to go out, the less income he can bring home.

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