Hundreds rally against small hydropower plants on Mt. Stara Planina

Topli Do 14.04.2019.
Villagers and activists protested in the village of Topli Do against building a mini hydroelectric plant on the rivers of mountain Stara Planina.

Serbia has undertaken an obligation to the European Energy Community to make its energy sources greener, and obtain some 27 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020, as part of a global effort to reduce the carbon footprint. The interest of private contractors in this project is clear. By investing in small hydropower plants they secure higher prices for energy they deliver to the national energy network. But things have not worked out so well for the local communities.


Opposition supporters gathered outside the presidential building during a
press conference of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, a day after
opponents broke into the state-run RTS television building, demanding to
address the population, in images aired live. There have been weekly
opposition protests since December against what they describe as Vucic’s
slide towards autocratic rule, while accusing RTS of pandering to the
ruling party and demanding more airtime for opposing views.

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